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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for some of my frequently asked questions and answers.


Q: Are you doing sessions in-person?

A: No, not yet.  I am currently still doing sessions only via my secure telehealth platform; I will be returning to in-person sessions 2 days per week at some point in the near future but have not yet decided a return date.

Q: Do you see children or adolescents?

A: No, I do not see individuals under the age of 17.5 years old.

Q: I don’t have an insurance plan you currently accept.  Can I still see you?

A: Yes, possibly.  Out of pocket is always an option, and many insurances allow what is referred to as out-of-network reimbursement and billing.  If your insurance allows OON reimbursement (typically allowed if your plan is PPO, less typical if you have an HMO), I can provide a “superbill” once the session is paid for, and you can submit this to your insurance company for reimbursement according to the plan you have with them.  You would just need to look at your insurance benefits and/or confirm with your insurance plan that this is allowed.

Q: I was given a phone number for you that doesn’t work.  What’s the deal?

A: Xfinity, my former phone provider, goofed and cancelled my previous phone line without notice; apologies!  Please see the updated phone number on my website currently for the best way to reach me by phone, or use the Contact Me form below to send me an email.

Q: Can I see you if I am currently living or vacationing out of state?

A: That depends on the state where you are physically located; licensing depends on where YOU are located, not where I am located.  If you are visiting California for vacation and want to do a telehealth session, I will need to be licensed/have permission from the California state licensing board to see you while you are there.  Many states have provisions to allow temporary sessions for travelling clients, but typically these are time limited (only X sessions per year) or require me to provide advance notice to receive permission, so please inform me if you plan to travel and wish to see me during your time out of Michigan.

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